Eclipse Shutters

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Enhance any room with our selection of wonderfully elegant and functional shutters. Whether applied in a contemporary or period setting, our bi-fold shutters are impeccably styled and deliver the perfect solution for creating a sense of positive open space. Eclipse Shutters by Vogue Vinyl Shutters are manufactured with a waterproof and scratch resistant finish, the Eclipse Shutters by Vogue will not chip, peel, crack or fade, ensuring that the color will last the life of your shutters. These shutters are available in many colors to suit every decor and also feature a 25 year warranty.

Basswood Shutters

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Basswood has become one of the most widely used materials for shutters in the global market. Thbis is due to its resistance to warping, easy work ability, durability, and its acceptance of a variety of finishes. The use of Basswood for musical instruments including guitars and piano soundboards, reinforce its properties as a stable and reliable timber. Basswood (Tilia Americana) is a member of the hardwood family, with all our Basswood being plantation grown. Basswood shutters are manufactured for indoors only, and are not recommended for wet areas.

Aluminium Shutters (Park Side)

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Park side Shutters are made using Commercial Grade Aluminium, powder coated to 60-65 microns in thickness. “Highly Resistant to Corrosion”. All Components installed or provided along with the shutters are tested for external use.

Fauxwood Shutters

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Fauxwood Shutters are extruded using a Foam wood material, and have been developed to make shutters suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and above kitchen sinks. Our Faux wood is a solid product and uses the same painted and grained finishes as the Basswood Range. Aluminium reinforcement is used in the stiles to reduce weight and increase the strength of the shutters, which is termite and fire resistant. They are not recommended for outdoor use.

SunLine Shutters

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Two types of shutters are available. Lumiere timber shutters are made from American Basswood (Tilia Americana), which is native hardwood off the east of North America. It is a lightweight timber with the very straight, fine uniform texture and grain. Basswood machines, screw and glues well and can be sanded to a smooth finish and stained.

The Fusion20 shutters are slim, elegant, clean, smooth and refined. Fusion20 provides the rich look of timber shutters without the timbers inherent problems better, last longer than traditional timber shutters and insulates 70% more efficiently.