Single and Double Diamond

The diamond grill used are either single diamond or double diamond which is a 7mm thick grill and can also have a series of mesh such as Fly Mesh, Tuff Mesh, DVA Mesh or One Way Mesh.


  • Diamond grill – 7mm thick grill
    Australian Security standard AS 5039
  • Screen protector – Fly, Tuff, DVA mesh
    Enjoy privacy without insects
  • Custom Made & Installed
  • Hinge or fixed option
  • Powder coated frame – Coloured range
  • 7-year warranty and 1 Year on workmanship/labour



Perforated Mesh and Stainless Steel Mesh Screens

TBT Supplies and manufactures either perforated mesh and stainless steel 3.16 grade and all screens are fitted to the windows using security fixings. Manufactured to Australian Standards and installed by our professional fitters.



Stainless Steel

  • Unique one-piece stainless steel technology
  • Optimum visibility without compromising security
  • Advanced tough 3.16 marine grade stainless steel
  • Hinged or fixed
  • 7-year warranty, rust & corrosion resistant


Perforated Mesh

  • High resistance perforated aluminum screens
    State of the art pressure retention system
  • Only available in Black



Fly Screens

TBT supplies and fits 9 and 11mm screens with either fly mesh, tuff mesh and stainless steel fly mesh in most standard colours from the Dulux range. Other colours are available upon request at an extra cost.

Most windows can be fitted with fly screens such as sliding, awning, wind out and sash windows.



TBT are the reseller of Sliderite in Melbourne metro area.

The most vulnerable access points of any building are the windows, and recent statistics show a dramatic increase in property intrusions through the windows.

Apparently, criminals, particularly occasional ones, have discovered that is no point in wasting time and effort trying to break into a home through a door, because most entrance doors have been fitted with anti-intrusion barriers and, in many cases, are monitored. It is much easier and quicker to smash a side or back window to gain illegal access to the property.

However, most property owners refrain in installing barriers to windows for a number of reasons, the most common of them being the feeling of being ‘caged in’.

We at TBT Security Doors understand the complexity of the problem and can offer to the market a new type of security screen for windows.

Why security screens?

Because we believe that a physical barrier is by far more deterring than an alarm system, offers more value for money, does not need power to operate, it is always ‘armed’, it is quiet and, amongst the other advantages, allows natural ventilation through open windows and doors, thus saving air conditioning electricity.

What’s the difference between Sliderite Screens and the others?

All the screens we supply, and install can be opened from the inside in case of necessity, making them the safest products available in their range, our concept of security is to protect from external threats without ‘imprisoning’ anyone inside. All this at a reasonable cost.

Why open from inside?

Media news tell us that sometimes situations turn bad, very bad, and a quick escape is the only way to save lives. Think about a fire, a storm, flood or any natural disaster, where the front door is unreachable, particularly for vulnerable people. Ask your local Fire Brigade about their struggle of getting people out burning houses! There are millions of valid reasons to choose LB Industries’ quick escape system available in sliding or hinged version, over any other screen! Think of a car with ABS and airbags: the ABS is always there and helps you control the car; airbags activate when an impact occurs and help to reduce the consequences of the crash. In a similar way, window screens are always there , like ABS in a car, helping to protect your property, but, similarly to car airbags, when an emergency occurs, their opening may help in minimise the consequences of that emergency.

Would you buy a car without ABS and airbag? NO?

Then why would you leave your property without Sliderite security screens? 

We have a wide range of Security
Doors, Roller Shutters, Blinds and much more.

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